Importing Layer origin and rotation value

Hi, i am completely new to Synfig.

I want to use this software for rotoscope purpose. If Synfig has a way to import xyz and rotation value stored in a txt file. Then there is a posibility that Synfig can be used in importing a 2d track values into a layer and then use spline animation to create a black and white animation which can be exported as avi and used as matte in other open source software like blender as apha channel.

Anyone interested or has some knowledge if this can be done in Synfig. Please reply.

Thanking you.
Lakshmikant. :smiley:

Hi lakshmikant,

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Lost in the middle of the sentence… :blush:


We don’t have a way to import track values, but you can import movie files or series of still images then hand animate shapes to use as mattes, then export them.
I’m planning on that as a future challenge :slight_smile: