Importing from SVG, unable to move, unable to scale...eeek:)

Hello! :slight_smile:

It’s the first time I try to do something with Synfig Studio 0.62 so it’s very likely I’m doing it all wrong, but I’m stuck so any help would be appreciated. I went through the first few manual lessons and now I’m trying to import something from Inkscape.

A simple cartoonish character (191px high) is saved to file test01.svg (plain, uncompressed SVG – attached), then converted using svgtosif (attached as well) and imported into Synfig. Result? Nothing :slight_smile: After I right-click on the imported layer and ‘select all child layers’ I can see a bunch of random straight lines in the top-left corner of the drawing. When I try to open the .sif file the drawing is garbled in exactly the same way (but hey! it’s not locked :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Another problem is that when I try to drag any ducks (or use any other tool for that matter) I get a popup saying ‘The value you are trying to edit is in a composition which doesn’t seem to be open. Open that composition…’ – eh? AFAIK in Synfig lingo a ‘composition’ is a file/animation/drawing but how come a shape that is visible on screen can be in a composition that’s not open? (I tried saving to disk but that doesn’t change anything).

test01.sif (20.8 KB)

Actually, with version 0.62.01 of Synfig, you don’t actually need svg2sif. You can use the > menu on the canvas then File, import and point it at your svg.
It may not seem to work, but that’s just because the origins appear to be outside the viewable canvas. If you move the inline canvas origin around, you can find your character. He’s cute. I’ve attached the resulting sifz file.

test.sifz (2.89 KB)

Well, yes, I did try that but saw only a single lone duck in the middle of the pond… er… the screen and thought it’s an unsupported operation.

Any suggestions how to figure out what the offset should be? I tried zooming out, entering values which I thought would be sensible, then moved the dude in the original SVG file to 0,0 and re-imported – no luck.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Haha, it looks like you punched him in the eye :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot Chris!

Yes, for some reason the outline of the eye came out at ~13 instead of 2.4 like the other outlines. If you just edit that outline width, it looks identical to the svg.
The origins are probably messed up due to the coordinates systems used - SVG starts with 0,0 in one corner, and Synfig has 0,0 in the middle of the screen. But this is pure supposition on my part - I haven’t checked in the files to see what they’re actually saying.

For the other problem you’re reporting, it sounds like you have a sif file which uses embedded sif files? If so, then yes, you would have to open the embedded sif file in its own window. We commonly use this approach e.g. for any design featuring the Synfig shield logo, rather than copying the layers into each new composition.