Importing an svg with a hole/interior

I vectorised my Yale style key in inkscape. All good, including the hole for the keyring.
I import in synfig and its all filled in, though I have the inner keyring spline in there.
How do I make a transparent hole in the key ?. It doesnt even need to be transparent, i’ll accept a white interior, I just want the hole, it looks nicer.
RTFM with a link is more than acceptable.

Edit on request (BobSynfig)
I asked a question earlier which hasnt come out yes as I am new, about how do I get the holes back on a vector import. I rearranged the order and set the fill colour of my middle to white, so I am good.
I guess you have to make two halves of a donut and group them if you want things with transparent holes in.
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RTFM at this link :laughing: