Imported png with wrong size

Hi guys,
first day on Synfig and on this forum.
I looked here for an answer, but found nothing satisfying.

I’m using Synfig 1.2.2 portable on windows 10.
When I import a png in my canvas, it always shows larger than its correct resolution.

For exemple in full HD 72dpi canvas,
importing a full HD 72dpi png,
the png is showing 4 times too large.
The png group scale parameter shows: 240px 240px
The png parameters show: Top left -3840 2160 Bottom right 3140 -2160
Of course, in this case, fitting the pic to the canvas fixes the problem,
but this trick would not work with smaller part bitmaps. So…

Is there a way to import bitmaps the exact size they are ?

I’m just doing some tests here, eventually though, in my project I’ll need to import bitmaps at their exact resolution.
Meddling with scale would affect the precise texture of the pictures.