imported images suddenly rejected

Hey guys!

I experienced a strange issue this morning.

my projects weren’t working any more. What I mean is that all of the important images were rejected which left just a white image and all of the work I´ve done this past month was gone

my projects were working fine yesterday.

what is causing this and can I save my projects?

Maybe you meant ‘imported’?
Please provide a sample file to understand the phrase “…which left just a white image…” because when a image file is missing usually we get a transparent rectangle not white.

oops… damn auto correct.

yes I meant imported :smiley:

what i causing this import rejected issue?

Either you moved the image files or the sifz file form the original place. The path to find the files is broken.

that would be the reason yes but I never moved anything. everything is located at the same places they were yesterday when it worked fine :confused:

the only thing that is different is that I turned off my computer last night.

otherwise I just had it on standby