Imported Image Background Problem

Greetings !

I’ve been trying to import images from CoralDraw13 but whenever i import the image from there with the settings changed to background transparency in ( .png ) , it shows white background / space around it. Is there any way to edit the image so i can get rid of the white background / space.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

Could you please upload the file?

Check which color space it uses: if it is a 8-bit (256) colors with one color as transparency, try to export it as a 32-bit with alpha channel before to import it in Synfig.

Yes Sir. I have uploaded the file here. I have also emailed you the rest of the required information :grinning:

Greetings !

I have solved the earlier problem that I was facing .
However, I have come across a new one. I guess this is the path to learn…

The image that I transfered from CoralDrawx3 earlier. I want to use the spline tool on it and basically convert that image into a prop which can be adjusted using points. Is it possible to do so? How ?