Import sif file from Inkscape

Hi. I’m liking the program so far Buuuuuuuuuutttttt, I have a problem.

OS: Ubuntu 12.04
Inkscape: 0.48 with Synfig file extension
Synfig: 0.64

I save my Inkscape drawing as sif extension. Import into Synfig but 90% of image does not display. Tried converting objects and stroke to “paths” and tried removing duplicates / copies but no difference. Funny that what does show up are layers which I don’t want to show up so I even tried setting up others layers the same way bu that didn’t work either.

Any clues?

Perhaps it’s due to some of these:
The following taken from

Doesn’t seem to work with SaxonB (FOSS version)
Compressed SVG (svgz) must be uncompressed first.
Only SVG path objects are supported. Try converting all objects to paths.
Only a subset of path elements is supported. Try to modify all path nodes to have split tangents, and all path segments to be curves.
Sophisticated coloring (e. g. gradients) is not supported…I have.
Only basic transformations are supported…I have
Fill and outline on the same object is not supported…I have.

My other option is to redraw in Synfig or attempt 2D animation with Blender.

upload the “problem” svg and sif files would be help us to investigate your issue.

Progress so far - I noticed the unseen parts of the drawing where there in the file but not seen as they were off the canvas. Moved the Inkscape drawing closer to where the parts were visible. No difference, still there and on the canvas but not seen. After deleting the layers in Inkscape that contained the visible pieces and re-importing it, I saw that the deleted layers were still visible. This led me to realize that the sif file saved in Inkscape is a direct version of the “saved” svg file and not of the modified “unsaved” svg file. I expect that when I open the file and if I modify it then perform a “save as / save a copy” the file saved is the file I have open.

So inconclusion - Whatever you want saved in a sif file must be saved as a svg file BEFORE saving as a sif.

Note: As for the “can’t see drawing when off canvas”, select the setup icon (gear), document tab and change the page size. You’ll notice your new changes are not updated to your open file(s) so instead you must open a new file to see the size change then import drawing here which will be visible if it fits on the canvas, isn’t hidden or transparent / etc.

We’ll see what other issues and solutions I’ll run into.