import background


how do u import a background (ex. jpg, gif)? newb

Hi nesadri,
Synfig Studio can import lot of image formats. Before import it you should consider that Synfig Studio has an option to fit the image into the current canvas. That option is at Toolbox->File->Settings…->Misc. tab->Scale New Imported Images to Fit Canvas. It is useful when the imported image is much bigger than the canvas size and you want it to fill it. That resize doesn’t change the image aspect ratio.

To effectively import an image you just have to:
Canvas Window->Canvas Caret Menu->File->Import, and select the file to import.

Image files are controlled by two of its corners, so if you want to resize it keeping its aspect ratio you can better encapsulate the imported image and modify the zoom parameter of the resulting Paste Canvas Layer.

Please, read and do the first tutorials of the manual in the wiki. It would help a lot.