**IMPLEMENTED** Suggestion for canvas view

Hi, all
I have the last synfig build and like very much the new buttons in canvas view
So, I suggest add two new buttons: Preview Options and Render Settings:

What you think?

They looks fine and can be easily applied!
Have you got the sif files for them?
Have you hacked them or really done a patch? If the last thing, what are you waiting to send the patch? :slight_smile:

Anyway, both should be not present if the canvas hasn’t established a duration (and and start time the same)

Hi, Genete I forgot to say is just a image that I made in Inkscape
But I was curious. I can recreate this buttons in Synfig and send you the sif files
I still do not know build a patch, but I may try reading the documentation. It’s simple?
what do you prefer?

In any case you have to create the sif icons. Please use the latest icons made for this canvas view modifications. Modify them to have your copyrights but keep the aspect ratio and the size.

If you have programming ideas in C++ you can try to do a patch. Look for similar changes in git repo: synfig.git.sourceforge.net/git/g … i?p=synfig

If not, just paste here the sif files and I’ll do the patch :smiley:


Ok, where can I get the icons? In synfig source package?

To make it easy for you here are the icon sif files:
synfig.git.sourceforge.net/git/g … 2d;hb=HEAD

Just do right click on the “raw” link of any of the duck_*.sif files and save it with a proper icon.sif name.
You will be able to edit the file within Synfigstudio.

Be sure to include your name in the description of the Document.
And yes, everything is in th source code: synfig.org/Source_code
Good luck.

Hi, Genete
Finally, the new buttons: :smiley:

hey hbarone!
Those icons look fine!
I’m now in the middle of a big modification that I wish it be included in the next release. When I have a little of more time I’ll include those icons on the canvas view.