image sequence list generqator

Hi, my name’s Henrique I’m a brazilian and I work In a cultural project of federal government called “Pontão de Cultura Digital” something like " Big Point of Digital Culture". We work only with free software to create, music, videos, animations, zines, etc. We also have programmers to develop and contributing with free software
We are using Synfig too and understanding that Synfig need a .lst to import images sequence, we decided to create a simple script to automate the process.
The script run in LInux

Copy this text below in a text editor like gedit and save the file in the directory that have the images sequence. This directory must be only images!

#!/bin/sh echo "fps `zenity --entry --text "How many frames per second?"`" > image_sequence.lst ls *.png *.jpg *.exr >> image_sequence.lst zenity --title='Credits' --text 'The list file was created successfully!\n\nBY Nighto:' --info
After saved,open this file and click with right mouse buttom in Propertie and mark allow to execute as program under permission tab

sorry for my english

Hi hbarone, thanks for contributing with Synfig project.

You’re invited to post this or others scripts to the wiki too.

Thanks for contribute!

I’ll add my thanks for the contribution, hbarone!

For what it’s worth, there’s a very nice python script out there - complete with gui - that makes wonderful img lists for Cinelerra. It’s called img2list and can be found here:

and here:

It would be really cool if either img2list or synfig could be tweaked so that these two could work together. Sadly, I’m not enough of a programmer to make this happen. In the meantime, though, I’ll give hbarone’s script a try.


Thanks, but the script was suggested by Bruno Tarin and developed by Nighto, my friends of work. My contribution is teach and disseminate Synfig, develop tutorials and video tutorials that I’ll work in this months and of course share my scenes. :smiley:
I am very pleased to contribute to Synfig

My program generates image sequence and tries to deduce time link