[Image] Saku (Fully Drawn in Synfig)

Saku for Sakura…
and Saku for 咲く (to bloom)
Just like your eyes…

Finally a new one after months of nothings!! :smiley:
It’s just too difficult to come with a good drawing,
or even figuring out the proper strokes and layering without getting confused, or what are the colors that i should use :persevere:

now since i have a proper layering method that i can follow, i hope can upload here a bit more often
(maybe like once every month at least, since i have a plenty of college schedules :neutral_face:)

oh, here’s the source, by the way… (watch out, it’s a bit messy; some unused vectors are still inside)
saku.sifz (235.6 KB)

Very nice!
By some reason, I like how the hand turned out the most.
The face looks a bit flat, I do understand that it may be the ‘style’ thing but still.

That being said, I would add some additional shadows/lighting, something like this:

I added some general lighting, deep shadows on hair and every leaf that cross head now drops a little soft shade (hmm, after rendering this seems like a mistake).

Sorry for altering your work, I just wanted to see how additional light/shadow effects will look like. Hope that’s OK…

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No problem! In fact, i still need every advice that i can get since i really need to know how to refine my drawing (my weaknesses atm are colours and details) :bulb:
Also, i kinda like that edit… :grinning:

As for the shade, that’s because i imagined the light coming from the right side, and the weather is bright too, which is why the shade is not dark enough to be seen ._.

After all, i upped the source so that everyone can find out how the drawings turned out and they can modify them to get more into the learning curve… :wink: