Image Only Partially Renders

I’m sorry if this has been asked or is a really stupid question, but I am very bare bones beginner at this.

So, I’m trying to render my work, but using the render button only renders a small amount of the file. I have looked through the Wiki and have not found a single thing pertaining to this error. I’m using Windows 8 64-bit.

Basically, the problem is that when I click render, I only get this:

When I’m trying to render more than that. Any and all assistance will be appreciated!

Verify the start and en time of the render dialog before start render.

The start and end times are specified, but still it only renders partially, and in the case of rendering .dv files, the file will be created, but it will be completely empty and can not be opened.

first, time to say “welcome” to the forum …

In order to help you, you must help us… giving system details (os type, version, specific hardware in case…) , sharing project file , attaching screenshots (on dialogs choices)…
or answers may stay very laconic …

Also, the synfig documentation is kind of usefull and quite up to date… really a good place to start exploring synfig.