[Image] Monday

because…, Monday!!

No external imports (not really… :unamused: ) , entirely made in Synfig Studio

EXCEPT for the font, i use Abscissa for this one

also, I’ll just put this here… (font and 2 .sifz inside)
Monday.zip (96 KB)

the background uses the duplicate layers which i learned from the Duplicate grid and snowflake tutorial,
so it will lag synfig a lot. Disable it first for faster scrolling (it’s at the bottom in [Colora] group)

Fault sgg.sifz

oopss… :blush:
hold on then! i know what’s wrong
i forgot to include that in
i’ll get it done

Yep, it’s done. hopefully it’s all set :slight_smile:

also, what happens when an imported file is missing…? :unamused:

I’m sorry, I did not see it
It sees beautiful

it’s okay, i can test it out later :wink:

thank you very much! :smiley: