I'm Ralmon the Green Dragon

Hello everyone! I’m Ralmon… well, not really me, it’s my alter ego a seven feet anthropomorphic dragon. I’m what people call a furry, hope that won’t insult or disgust anyone. I’m clean, I don’t do dirty stuff!

Well, I just love drawing anthropomorphic creatures. I especially love dragons and my life reflect it (including the hot temper, though I’m trying to take control of it). It would not be a surprise if a say I love the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” is it?

I love free softwares. I used Linux (Xubuntu) as my OS. I also used Blender 3d and had also make some animation with it.

I discovered Synfig practically long ago (it was version 0.62.00) but had only created the sweeping circle animation. It comes to me as I was reading more about free softwares which also when I discover GIMP and Blender. I’m not really great in working digitally those days so I found Synfig daunting. I practised working digitally with GIMP (periodically since I was still studying… and laziness). I feel more comfortable working digitally now. I’m also trying to be more industrious in creating artwork. Also trying to practice more.

I would like to attach some of my works but I always get a failure to connect message. Maybe because I have a slow connection. Have to find solve it first, maybe soon as I have been able to garner some money.

Really looking forward in joining your community and be able to contribute something.

Hi Ralmon,
welcome to the forums. Here we embrace any kind of creatures if they are sincerely fan of free software and love animation. The proof is that I’m a dog… :mrgreen:

Why don’t make an animated avatar of your alter ego? it can be uploaded easily here because the restrictions on image and file size won’t steal your slow connection.


Great idea… and it will be my first ‘serious’ animation. I’ll make it as cool as I can with my limited skills.

Also have installed the latest release. There are many great improvements which would make the tasks of animating with it easier. Really looking forward to using it. :slight_smile:

By the way, the Morevna project is awesome.