I'm new here. Also, I'm not a spam bot.

I’m not real big on introductions, but I don’t want my shiny new account to be mistaken for a bot either, so might as well give it a shot.

I’m looking to get into animation and Synfig seemed like the perfect piece of software for me to do so. Currently I’m a beginner with animation in the same way that a toddler is a beginner in singing opera, there’s some basic understanding of the general idea but not yet enough to build on and cranky behavior whenever sleepy. Also, toddlers aren’t very good with analogies either.

I plan to learn to animate eventually, but I still have a long way to go; the longness of the way to good being exacerbated by college. I probably won’t post much outside of the occasional fleeting question like the one I signed up to ask and the other one I need to ask but don’t know about yet.

So, there’s all that.

Welcome to the forums and to Synfig’s community.
Here we are not so many people and maybe some times there is not any inmediate response. But be sure that we will do our best to solve any question you have and help you with animation concepts you might start discovering.
Good luck!

We’re always happy to chat with people who are not spam bots!

Nice to meet you everyone. I think here not anyone spam bot.
We are her just get knowledge and make friends, not for do spamming.:slight_smile:
What you say about it?