I'm going mad, can't link the stem and the petal! [SOLVED]

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OMG, I’m going mad, I’m going nuts!! :stuck_out_tongue: I follow step by step the tutorial Animating Shapes (http://wiki.synfig.org/Doc:Flower_Animation) and when I try to link the petal to the stem I can’t!!!, the petal goes to the top…loose in the cyber space :stuck_out_tongue:



I tried again and again…but don’t works :frowning:

EDITED: .sifz file attached

sp002_growing_flower.sifz (1.98 KB)

You probably missed a step. Select stem. Ctrl-slect the petal. Select the top vertex of the stem (toggle tangent handles if needed). Ctrl-select the green handle of the petal. Right-click the top vertex of the stem and select link. The green handle of the petal should move over the top vertex of the stem if the link works. If it still does not work you might save your file and attach the sifz to your post so someone can check it out.

edit: just (re)did the tutorial up to the part where I had to link the petal to the stem and it worked.


darkspace65, thank you…

I think I’m following every step, but don’t works. Then I attached the file to my post…

The problem is trivial. The ‘origin’ parameter of ‘Stem’ and ‘Petal’ layers is different. They should be same, because you’re linking origin of layer with some vertex that has its own layer’s origin.

Set both origins to the same values (0,0), then link.

Yop, i have updated the tuto with some literature of you :wink:
wiki.synfig.org/index.php?title= … ldid=21307

It works as long as you don’t change the origin of the stem.

Perfect! XD Haha

Well, If I set the origins to 0,0 in this file, continue to occur unwanted effects. In a few moments I will follow the tutorial from the beginning again without changing the origins…

Made a quick video. As you can see the link works as long as you don’t change the origin parameters of the stem. So if you want to move the stem select its vertex and don’t use the green handle or put in in a group together with the petal and use the Group Transformation Widget.

Thanks!! Thank you all :slight_smile: Finally is working! Yahoooooooooo!!!


sp002_growing_flower_b.sifz (10.6 KB)

user happy… doc improved… what a wonderful life 8)