Walk Cycle

One thing I really wanted to try in Synfig Studio was Dermot O’Connor’s Flash Walk Cycle tutorial (here).

In case anyone else wants to play with it, I’ve created something close to the Flash rig Dermot uses in the videos in Synfig Studio, and have attached it below.
idleworm.sifz (7.58 KB)

I’m no Dermot O’Connor (as you can see!), but if I can do it anyone can:


Still need to work on the animation above a bit, but the thing I’m pleased about is that it’s actually easier to do this kind of animation in Synfig Studio than to do it in Flash, which is great.
idleworm_walk.sifz (13.6 KB)

Good one! It has a little step on the end of the cycle but looks good!

Another one of my boring blog posts about Synfig Studio on my blog.

My trademark comment when I find something amusing: THIS. IS. RAD!!! :mrgreen:

I’m gonna read through your blog, and eventually subscribe to it. Here’s a little gift for your curiosity.

(I just realized Synfig needs another crucial layer in the Distortions menu: Mirror Layer)

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Sadly I couldn’t download the attachment as it saves as 0 bytes in length.

Something weird is happening with the forum’s attachments. I’ll ping Zelgadis to look at it.

The file did’t finished uploading.

tushantin, please reupload the file ( idleworm_moonwalk.mp4.tar.gz).

Fine, I’ll just use :smiley: Here ya go!