ID: import time from others soft"; subtitle plugins and more


Waiting Jack realtime synchro one day maybe …

Some others software are cools … cause they also use xml storage format (and did things synfig didn’t)
In our case, i’m thinking about Audacity for example. It work with xml, it used timestamp … can be synchronized !
Kdenlive have recently done something about (Improved clip markers in 0.9.4 / feature report plus code infos)

So why not also kdenlive Markers also … so why not .str … so why not … your idea.

Those plugins could produce some sort of named keyframe lighting a dot (circle layer) … and even with math / spline capacities , produce a moving dot to generate Karaoke style on your clip …



Done for Audacity labels import at plugin to import keyframes - audio synchronisation.

What other formats would be really important for importing keyframes? srt?

Do we need export ?