icons - animate mode on/off and keyframes lock

I’d also like the character green when not in animation mode. Also have him standing still (as in no walk) when not in animation mode.

:blush: Seems everyone except me prefer standing and walking poses to identify Animate Mode Off and On.

I don’t mind either.

For me, It is enough to just have toggle button to identify the status of animate mode. It is simple and clear so that We don’t need to make too many changes for a mode switch (Toggle button states, and the different icons in different colors)

So I decided to make a real patch to test if the “complex” solution works well and smoothly, The bellow is a screencaste I made to demo the toggle button with standing(green) / walking(red) character in real software:


As you can see, it is not as bad as I imagined :mrgreen:

PS1, please be informed that the green character is just a quick drawing.
PS2, Thanks rylleman’s nice Nautilus script :slight_smile: I used it to make the above demo movie.

Looks very good! :slight_smile:

p.s. Glad you like my scripts. I’m trying to make work easier.

NOt Bad. Not bad at all.

I love it!

I am still working on the standing character, but the patch is ready and I pushed it into my synfig repository on github

The keyframes locks icon is almost there.

Keep it up jcome!
Those new icons will go in the new release for sure!

Hi Genete, thanks for your encouragement!

I made a silly mistake and it took me a long time to figure out :cry: . That is the default Edit Mode of Canvas is All Keyframes(Past and Future Keyfames) are locked. It trapped me, because I was keeping the default mode is NONE is locked in my mind.

Now I got it and the patch is working fine and correctly :smiley: except the toggle buttons should be toggled states by default, I have to take a look at gtkmm manual later on.




sorry for posting too much! but this time, i have to do it again, because i can’t wait, i would like to share my new standing man as soon as possible :slight_smile: it took me 2+ hours to set it up.
still far away from perfect, but i like it, hope you too.

Top notch! :smiley: