I wanns help tooo!

i got plenty of time on my hands…and i do not know what i can do!

Our wiki is quite out of date, a lot of things have changed.
If you feel patient and confident this could be a huge help for the whole communuty :grinning:

bon alors, quelle est la marche a suivre?

Just need to register on https://wiki.synfig.org/ and start :slight_smile:
You can either create new sections, update some or translate a missing one in your language.
But always keep in mind: english version is the reference, any addition should be done first in “international language”

Also, if you have knowledge in development, you can edit/compile from the source on your system to find OS specific bugs and report on https://github.com/synfig/synfig

j’attends la reponse de wiki, y’as quelqu’un qui supervise?
4 yeux c’est toujours meilleurs pour les corrections!
j’aimerai pas faire du boulot pour rien( si quelqu’un d’autres travailles dessus!)
je peut traduire,pour le developpement et coding c’est pas mon fort il faut d’abord que je pratiques un peu et que j’apprenes la bete!
plus tard je ferrai sans doute des tutos…

i did not receive an answer from my request of an account to work on the wiki…
and check my spam box!

Try clicking on ‘I forgot my password’- worked for me.

well it did not work for me me!

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Huh. Dunno. How long did you wait?
@KonstantinDmitriev Do you have any ideas?

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well i guess they are testing me! and that’s ok!
i am a patient man…

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Thank you for letting me know! For some reason I haven’t got notification email about account request. Approved now. Apologies for inconvenience! :slight_smile:

ok should i request another one?

I think you can check again :wink:

Hello @paulyvalent! I found that all messages from synfig.org are blocked by your SMTP email server. So I have sent you temporary password as forum’s personal message. Please check it out! :slight_smile:

@paulyvalent Je te conseille, si pas encore fait, de lire https://wiki.synfig.org/Writer_Documentation histoire de te mettre dans le bain. Les projets en cours date un peu, mais cela reste un bon endroit par ou commencer. Apres, libre a toi de traduire ce que tu veux, a partir du moment ou cela a deja ete au moins adapté pour la version majeur de synfig studio actuelle (1.0)

Si vraiment tu veux un sujet imposé… si tu le permet … il y a un probleme avec les images dont la taille est ajustée dans le code de formatage, par exemple ici : https://wiki.synfig.org/Tool_Options_Panel (a chaque titre l’icone n’est plus affiché mais uniquement liée). J’ai regardé vite fait, et j’ai l’impression qu’il y aurait des trucs qui ne plaise pas au serveur web du wiki.

Bonne exploration/amelioration de la doc … !

y’as combien de personnes qui travaille sur le wiki/fr?
est ce qui serais possible d’accorder nos violons pour +d’efficacité…?
et de coordinate le boulot…

@d.j.a.y @paulyvalent
It would be better to use french in french section only and avoid to mix languages elsewhere :wink:

@d.j.a.y The problem with sized images is a because of some misconfiguration of the server.
Some scripts on the page are considered as part of a different domain, they are blocked on my Opera and Chromium by default. But they can be “unlocked” in the URL bar :wink:

There are plenty of pages not displayed by default in the wiki which could be useful to know
https://wiki.synfig.org/Special:ListFiles - Uploaded files/images
https://wiki.synfig.org/Special:SpecialPages - All the special pages
https://wiki.synfig.org/Special:UnusedFiles - Some files have damaged

oui,compris! je dois serieusement me “former” a wiki avant d’intervenir…