I need help

Ok, so I downloaded Synfig and the component things to work it. But everytime I try and open synfig it keeps asking me to unistall the old version I have, but I don’t have any other version on my comp!

I then click unistall and it unistalls something. Then it asks me to install it again. I thought maybe that would solve my problem but it didn’t. So I installed it, I clicked it again and it asked me to unistall yet another time! This keeps happening and I am getting a bit pissed off right now. Please help meh :frowning: I want to animate so damn badly

This cycle happens over and over and over and over and over again and Im not getting anywhere

You probably are running the installer several times. Please, once installed, go to Program Files->Synfig and you’ll find there the correct executable binary. Don’t double click again the installer executable.