I need a little understand with the time loop.


Link time when the duration starts.
Local is where the Link “starts” (where the link is supposed to be at that time)
Duration is…duration… :unamused:

Okay here is where I’m having the problem. The local doesn’t seem to do anything. The first thing I did was went to the wiki to see how this exactly works. The thing is, the download file and the pictures don’t match when I go to 2 seconds on the time frame. On the wiki, both circles were on the lines, but for the downloaded file, it wasn’t. I also made a file to see if I could do it right, but I had the same problem.

I’m on windows 7, just in case this has anything to do with it.

Am I missing something?

Can you paste a simple example?
When you do that, please explain clearly what is the desired behavior.

What I was expecting was the circle to be at the starting position at frame 36 because that’s where I have my local time. But it runs it’s regular course like it isn’t there. I know I could break the time loop by unchecking the symmetry, and putting the beginning waypoint there, and changeing link time to 0, but I’m just trying understand what exactly local time does, or if I’m using it wrong.
example sayes.sifz (720 Bytes)