I have a question about Synfig...

I’m a Graphic Designer and can no where near get Adobe After effects. If Synfig is a nice 2D animator, how good would you say it’s text options are? I’d love to practice Kinetic Typography (Animated text) and simple rotates and zoom would be great if I can get feedback on an average user, or if anyone has a Video of Text animation. How easy would it be?
Like putting a background, and make text rotate and pan out.


That would be very easy to do in Synfig.

Synfig do have a text tool but it is a bit crude as to font selection, kerning and such.
One workaround where you would have great control over the text as such is to create the text in Inkscape, then import this into Synfig where you animate it, add background, effects etc. (You can of course also create the text in Synfig, but with a little less options).

p.s. Welcome! I hope you’ll find Synfig useful.

Oh, that’s a great Idea! Thanks so much, I look foward to Synfig!