I don't find my language sub-forum! (read me first)


Other language subforums are great for those people whom aren’t used to talk in English and that makes them silent and not participative. This new forum category will help on that.

But as well as don’t speak/read English may be a big problem for new users, non English forums maybe difficult to moderate by non native people. I don’t imagine my self moderating one forum that is not English or Spanish :slight_smile:.

So, the benefit of have your own language sub-forum pass by put some attention to it. If someone request to have his own language sub-forum, the requester is responsible of the cleaning and moderation of the sub-forum.

If you don’t find your language sub-forum, please post reply here or add your own post in other topic. If you don’t dare to be moderator, please let it know. Once a moderator is offered, the forum will be created.

Forum shouldn’t be used to talk about other things than Synfig related or Free and Open Source Software. Any other kind of talks should be removed. You can use Off Topic discussion from General forum for that.

So then, let’s talk!

Hola Genete. Si no hay nadie mejor, me ofrezco para llevar el foro en francés (estudié unos años en Bélgica, creo que me desenvuelvo bastante bien). De momento puedo entrar todos los días a los foros a ver qué hay de nuevo.

Si te parece bien, ya me dirás cómo se hace eso de limpiar el foro.
Para el título del foro pon:
Entre ici pour parler français

Ok, perfecto.

Foro creado, eres moderador del mismo.

Hello :smiley: ,
I can help Rafael to the forum in French.
but the problem is: if genete, pixelgeek and others are not on this forum, the help will be not so good !

Thank’s mad0. We will do our best. :wink:
Of course, when we don’t know the answer, we can ask in English at the correct forum (in which Genete and the others can help us).

I’ll give this a try, I wonder whether or not there are people that need some help in German…
Take me as the moderator for now.

Genete, I can manage the Italian sub-forum if you want. I volunteer. :slight_smile:

Oho and Paolo, you’re now moderators of your cleanly new sub-forums.

great, thx G.

edit: I get this when I open the forum: “You do not have the required permissions to read topics within this forum.”
not even read ?? :slight_smile:


Swell! I’ll do my best! :slight_smile:

I can manage Polish subforum.