I can't change parameters.


I’m using 0.64.2 (Debian Testing 0.64.2-1).

As I said in the subject, I can’t change parameters. For example, I’d try to change the blend method for a layer, in the parameter window, doing click with left button over valor (composition) and it doesn’t expand.

If I try to change the z-depth in layer window, I get the same response: nothing. : )

I tried to enter in Animation Mode. But nothing, again.

Have you change the method for change valors in the interface?

Thank’s for pointing it … but … too late :wink:

synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/699

Already fixed in source code for both master and 0.64.x branchs …

You can found test build here

Oooops! I didn’t notice it. : )

Thanks, d.j.a.y.