Hungarian translation - technical help needed

I need some technical help with the translation.
I have problem translating the word ‘Bevel’. In sysnfig core it referenced from 3 different places:

#: src/modules/mod_example/filledrect.cpp:144
#: src/modules/lyr_std/bevel.cpp:67
#: src/modules/mod_geometry/advanced_outline.cpp:1161
msgid “Bevel”

In my opinion in the most perfect solution would be if I could give 3 different transtaltions for those. But the least minimum I need to use one word for here src/modules/lyr_std/bevel.cpp (the bevel layer, wich gives a sort of 3D efect for a layer) and in case for the other 2 another (because it eliminates the corners). I just could not find a single hungarian word which fits for the bevel layer and the corner elimination.

Is this possible to give different translation for each situation or I should think more of this translation?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it is possible. Which is your proposal?

My proposal is:
for #: src/modules/mod_example/filledrect.cpp:144 I would use: Lesarkítás
for #: src/modules/lyr_std/bevel.cpp:67 I would use: Kidomborít
for #: src/modules/mod_geometry/advanced_outline.cpp:1161 I would use: Rézsútos

I mean proposals for the English words. For example:
filledrect.cpp: Instead of “Bevel” use: “####”
bevel.cpp: Use “Bevel”
advanced_outline: Instead of “Bevel” use: “####”

Once redefined the original English strings they can be translated properly.

In any case you are free to translate the same English word to different local words at any time!
I just wanted to know if there were some room for improvement on the original strings to don’t repeat this kind of problems.

Sorry for the confusion :blush:

BTW, I can’t translate Kidomborít. “Lesarkítás” translates as “Chanfer”, “Rézsútos” as “Oblique” and “Bevel” as “Facetta” which is perfect to me in many of the cases (at last its translation to Spanish).

I guess the word bevel is perfect for all of the situation in english, but not quite in hungarian.

What is the technique? How should the po file look like?
For exaple if the po file look like this:
#: src/modules/mod_example/filledrect.cpp:144
msgid “Bevel”
msgstr “Lesarkítás”
#: src/modules/lyr_std/bevel.cpp:67
msgid “Bevel”
msgstr “Kidomborít”
#: src/modules/mod_geometry/advanced_outline.cpp:1161
msgid “Bevel”
msgstr “Rézsútos”
will it work?
(This is my first translation and I do not know how the po file work exactly…)

Well, if the string only appears once and it is used in several places then the gettext application only needs one translation. Probably doing like that would break the creation of the translation files to be distributed because the gettext application expects one po file with the same structure than the POT file.

You can try to use that po file but it would emit an error message when doing ‘make update-po’ at the po folder.

To be able to translate differently we need different English words. Again sorry for the confusion.


“msgctxt” can do that magic.


Thank you jcome for the tip I started to look into using msgctxt for solving this problem. But it seems a bit more complicated than I thought, once I come up with a solution I post it here.

Thanks for everybody’s help.