Humanity - Episode 2

I’m back again. The second episode of Humanity (made with Synfig) is now released. Like before, I am releasing the assets and projects that went to making this episode.
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An idea to make your faces more expressive could be to move the eyebrows. The team of SEER do this with “only” one vector parameter for the inner side of the eybrows: height of base point + angle of vector… and I find the result quite impressive:

Or another approach, that plays with eyes and ears (maybe more for animals than human characters):


i really enjoy your work, keep doing your thing. i’m new to synfig but I have been able to learn the basics of synfig. I just have problem with rendering quality, you know. My animations are poor quality compare to yours, can you please tell me how you rendered your video.thanks

Thank you for your kind words.

Make sure you are using the right target for for video (which is ffmpeg) or gif (which is for gifs). Also, make sure the name of the output file has the right extension (.MP4, .gif, .Avi, etc.)

These pictures are just an example of what you can do. I do short bursts of mp4 files (using ffmpeg to render it). I put quality to 9. I use a Width of 1920 and a Height of 1080, and do 60 frames per second. I usually render 10 seconds to a minute at a time depending on how long it takes to render a frame and the size of the project.

After I render all of the raw video, I put the files into a video editor named Kdenlive. I make sure to input the correct settings for the Kdenlive project (in my case, it is 1920 x 1080 60fps). After this I render the project as a MP4 file and upload it.

I hoped this helped.

Thank you @Gyromancer :slight_smile:
@ShawnBello, next time avoid necroposting and create your own thread iin the proper section.
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@Gyromancer Thank you for taking your precious time to help me with this. It really helped me. Thanks

@BobSynfig I’m sorry, I had no clue to it. I will do as you say next time. Thanks