Huion tablet not working

Note: This is my first post so if I did anything wrong please let me know

So I just downloaded Synfig and the first thing I noticed is that the program doesn’t recognize movement from my tablet. So I look up the problem and try messing with the input devices. The mouse still doesn’t move with the tablet. The only thing that gave any sort of results is “HUION Tablet Pressure Stylus” and all that happens is that when I tap the the canvas with the pen it just exits out of the problem. The mouse still doesn’t move. I would really like to use this program but…

These are all the options I have:

The only option that you need is Pressure Stylus, change it to Screen. Make sure using your pen all time when your open Synfig. Change the parameter, click ok, close Synfig. Open again, use the draw tool and change the brush size to10px in the tool options and try to draw something.

I did that but the mouse still doesn’t move. The only thing that changed is that when my pen touches the tablet the program just closes. But I made sure that every time I opened the program the pressure stylus was set to screen. It still doesn’t work. Is it possible that the tablet is relatively newer so it doesn’t work with Synfig(Sorry if that is a stupid question. I am still new to this digital art thing)?

P.S. I have a Huion H610 pro V2 which came out a few months ago.

Yeah, maybe it’s not supported yet. I’m really don’t know Synfig on that level. I use an old wacom and let me just comment that I rarely use it with Synfig, because just one tool use it and isn’t the most useful to work most of the time. Anyway I expect someone who knows about Huion’s tablet support tell us about it.

A couple of things more @Cooki10. Have you tried the development version? Are you on windows?

From the manufacturer’s site:
Instructions - Drivers
Try to uninstall your driver and reinstall the most recent one (not overwrite, full uninstall as stated in the manual).
I don’t see anything special in the settings, maybe mouse events generated by the tablet are not interpreted correctly.
Try to start Gimp also (Wacom bamboo tablet freezes on synfig) or clear your profile (Why does my tablet not work in Synfig?)
Graphics tablet unresponsive to Synfig

Please use the search function in the forums as it is a common issue (search for ‘tablet’)

Here’s my recipe for getting my XP-Pen Deco 01 graphic tablet kick started w/Synfig under win7. I have to open Synfig by double clicking on the application icon with the pen. If I use the mouse, then Synfig seems to ignore the tablet. (“No input device found”) Select File, Input Devices. Hopefully Wacom tablet pressure stylus will be listed (or something similar). Just selecting that with the pen seems to kick start the program to recognize Pressure, X tilt & Y tilt (otherwise, I only have 2 inputs listed - X & Y) C…

Is it possible that overcharge my Huion HS64? Cause when I use it on my computer is not working no matter I tried