Howto Reuse animation bits with different different colours


How can I do what they’ve done with the monkeys, trees in the back and flowers in this clip (


Hi SinduPutha,
from your question title it seems that you want to know how to apply differnt color styles to different stuff without redoing the entire stuff lot of times.
How about copy the layers once you have animated them, change the colors and and place in a different position? Is there something else I don’t see in your question?
I think it is just a question of copy and paste layers.
Please feed back if it is exactly what you wanted to ask.

Hi Thhanks for your reply Genete,

I still haven’t tried your suggestion, but I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I want (maybe the word is like).

If I copy and paste the layers, would it still be linked to the original? Let’s call the original animation a library item and the target animation the one being pasted onto. Can a make a modification to the library item that will be reflected on the target? I was hoping for maybe use an exported valueNode to do something like the pseudocode below:

all the layers that make up the jumping monkey.


The idea is if later I find that I have made a mistake in jumping_monkey_animation, I can fix it in one place and the change is reflected in all the users of it.

Maybe I’m talking nonsense? :slight_smile:


The quick answer: no
But you can do one trick:
Create one monkey jumping and then export (right click on the parameter and select “Export”) each parameter of each layer that you want to have all the monkeys in common. Obviously you won’t export the color of the monkey because it is exactly what you don’t want to share. Also you don’t want to export the Origin or the Time OffSet of the Inline Canvas where the monekey is because it will help you to place the monkey in different positions and times.
Once exported the common things just duplicate the monkeys. The exported parameters will continue linked together.

Notice that there is a “Auto Export” option in the Bline Tool options panel that would make things easier. We should implement this “Auto Export” feature for all the drawing Tools.

I hope to have in the future a “Clone” function where you can clone a layer by linking all its parameters but it is not coded yet. In any case that won’t help you fully, because at the end you have to un-link the non common parameters of each layer and the boring work of right click has to be done one by one.