How to swap objects or symbols

I’ve gone through all the tutorials on penguin tutorials and man, I’m really starting to see the power of Synfig. One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to swap an object for another one in the exact same place.

For example, lets say you have a character with a walking animation, (with all the parts encapsulated into “man walk”) At the end of the walk animation, you want the character to move its arms (a complex animation called “man arm move”, reused from another animation) How do you swap the walk animation for the moving arms one, and have them in the exact same place?

In other words, how do you save an animation as a separate object or symbol (like a movie clip in flash) and import that animation into another project (in the exact position it was in the previous project) to transition from one animation sequence to another? (paste in place)

There is not a straight way to do this but it is possible.
When you animate one layer (when you read layer read all the layers that conforms the character) you animate the layer’s parameters. It is possible to convert one parameter to non animated with the current value it has on the current time. To do that it is needed that you place the cursor time on the frame where parameter has the wanted value. Then right click the parameter and select “Disconnect”. This will turn out the parameter from Animated to Constant type and the constant value is the value of the parameter on that frame.
If you do like that for all the animated parameters of all the layers you end with a Constant composition that can be copied or reused elsewhere.

It would be extremely useful to be able to do this automatically.


I’m not sure I follow you. As far as the Canvas Browser Panel, if I have multiple canvases (projects) open, if I switch from one to the other I see only the current project name listed. Would it be possible to save an entire canvas, with all layers in their current positions, and import it into another project?

Also, what is the function of the Groups panel?

Canvas browser panel:

You can simply import a sifz document via File–>Import, all the layer is same as it was.

Regarding Groups panel , the wiki page explains well

Thank you! That explained it very well.