How to simple copy a group of layers

I created animation made from complex layers. Want to start a new project using the same characters. Smple copying the whole thing as a group doesn’t work because that copies the animation also which I don’t want. Since there are so many objects and layers, it will be very hard to do simple copy object by object. Is there any way to copy all the layers statically at a particular frame.

As far as I know, you can’t do that.
The best approach I can think of is to make a static character as a separate file without any animations and then copy it from there to your current project.

Thanks. What if I make a copy of the project and try to remove the animation? Right now, the problem with this approach is that there are so many waypoints (synfig automatically adds many waypoints too), and I haven’t found a way to delete multiple waypoints. To click on each waypoint and delete it will not be any easier.

The ability to select and delete multiple waypoints is useful for it’s own sake. So, regardless of my original question, is there an efficient way to select and delete a group of waypoints?

Hm. You can remove animations from a layer parameter right-clicking on the given parameter listed in Parameters panel, and choosing “Unlink” item from the popup menu.