How to remove gray waypoint

How remove this gray point in time track panel. I was copied this nose in another animated sif file.and i disconnent all animatiom transformation but it not remove. How to remove?:roll_eyes:

Does the canvas parameter change when you jump to those waypoint times?

If you right-click on any of them, does a context menu appear?

No any changes in canvas and not show context menu. Here is sif file nose.sifz (5.3 KB)

Your file has links to external files, and therefore depends on it: “synfig/second project/girl character 1.sifz” (exported value: controllerX1259).

I can’t open your file due to missing file, but those waypoints are related to this external file.

How disconnect it bro?

If i continue animation with this. few days after i cant open that file it shows some error. I also lost this file same way Boy char.sifz (222.9 KB)

As it is linked to that file, you should open that file and remove the animation there.
Note however that the linked file will be changed :confused:

The error message (indirectly) says that a linked file is missing: synfig/girl character 1.sifz.
It’s possible to workaround it by yourself. Here is a way to do it:

  1. Create a folder named synfig (as it is the file path mentioned in error message)
  2. Copy the original file girl character 1.sifz to that folder with this same name (as it is the file name mentioned in the error message)
    Done :slight_smile:

Bro,very very thank now it open😃. You are crt this problem came after i change that file location.