How to perform Linear Wipe in Synfig?

I want to create this effect:

Is it possible in Synfig and if yes, how to make it happen?

Yes, and i tried

  1. it was done by drawing an overlaying region (i choose the rectangle, it was the easiest), set it’s feather around 1, and it’s interpolation to alpha over in parameters panel, then group it with layers (including groups if there any) that you want to wipe
    make sure you put that rectangle layer at the top order of the newly-created group
  2. Move that rectangle outside the workarea, it will have it’s own time while in animation mode
  3. Turn on animation mode, select the desired time in the timeline panel, STRETCH Out that rectangle (select the two right vertex points and move them all the way to the right) until it’s all “wipe” the layers below it. This will be the case if you want to wipe it to the right
    And that’s it, you can turn the animation mode back off when you’re all done
  4. Other wipe directions can be achieved by using the same principle, and the same rectangle. You just need to wide it up a bit if it’s vertical

I’ll provide the sifz. file so you can check it out deeper
I was also making the “the end” word in that video, but i have to disable it just in case it will make some hard enough lags (it’s in Arial though).
but you can make it visible, just tick the checkbox at the “TexnShade” group layer
and please ignore that weird mountain scene. It’s just there to show the example

Linear Wipe Kind-of.sifz (4.74 KB)

I for this use blender. But beautiful effect in synfig