How to open Synfig Studio

Hi, recently I downloaded the free Synfig Studio on my graphics tablet, and when I installed it and opened it it just redirected me to [Edited]*, which I have installed on it. I would like to know how I can open it, so I can work on my first animatic?

*Edit BobSynfig: Unless it is a “hidden” advertisement for this non-free app using malware techniques to get installed, you will not bother having its name removed. :wink:

Official Synfig Studio only runs on MS Windows, OSX and Linux. :slight_smile:

Never download a software from non-official, non-reliable sites.
They often add their own wrapper installer with adwares in the best case, malwares in the worst case.
Especially with open-source software, anyone has access to the code and can bundle their trojan-stuffed “features” :wink: