How to move Rectangle

basic question : how do i move a rectangle ?
When I draw a circle or star, there is a middle-point, and i can move it (from left to right side t.ex)
I search for hours…


the rectangle is defined by two (green) points as you can see in Parameters Panel.
You can select the rectangle layer and then select the both points to move them together
Or, for convenience, you can add the Rectangle layer to a Group Layer and move it by a single green point :wink:

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Synfig is not a whatelse soft clone … it have is own way to do and think.

I suggest you to give a look to the synfig documentation. You will found a step by step tutorial and numerous other stuff. Also, from the you will found the direction to a training course.

you cant deny its a BAD UX though. just look at the result of this simple google query:


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