how to move an object

Im a complete noob at synfig and animating in general. I have tried to get to grips with blender and couldn’t. I thought 2d animation would be a better place to start.

So I want a box with a letter in it to move from left to right across the screen. Due to a freezing problem (when I try and enter text into a text box) I have had to create the image in paint and paste it to my canvas.

I have tried a couple of things to move this,
I have tried to use the smooth move tool as well as the transform tool. Both of which only allow me to scale the object.
I have tried to select both corners to move it which did not work.
I have also tried entering animate mode but this didn’t work either, I spent half an hour last night and half an hour today just trying to figure a way to move this object and because im stubborn I tried to do it myself but that has solved nothing.

Sorry if this has been asked a lot but the solutions I have found so far have not worked.

Kind regard

So the object is an image then. Group the layer and move that. Images only have two cordinates, top left and bottom right, no center for rotation and translation.
In recent development versions images is automatically grouped.

Thank you very much for the help I hope this helps other people as well.