how to move a imported image around with the transform arrow


this should have been my first question but other issues came in the way :slight_smile:

I was just wondering why the transform arrow doesn’t seem to work with imported png-images?

I’m not able to drag the images around.

the transform arrow seems to work fine with images created directly in Synfig, like circles etc.

am I forgetting something?

Just select both of the ducks that appear on the image (CTRL click or CTRL-a), then you can move it. You could also encapsulate it and use the encapsulation’s location duck to move it around.

you have to select two position ducks together and then drag one of the position duck to move your image.

How do I select them both at the same time? … irst_steps


thanks for the information but none of them worked :frowning:

I tried another approach though… I encapsulated the image… then it worked :smiley:

Encapsulation was my suggestion :wink:

aha… hehe ok :slight_smile: