How to make many objects rotate around one central point?

I would like to make many objects rotate in a circle around one point. How can I do this without manually selecting each rotate layer for each object and linking them. Is there a way I can select the origin of many rotate layers at once and link them all? Thanks for the help!

Yes, just select all the rotate layers at the same time (CTRL-click each rotate layer) and go to the parameters panel. There you’ll see the Origin parameter greyed (indicating that it is representing a parameter from different layers) and do right click and select link. If the final linked origin is not on place just replace it where it must be. All the objects affected by the linked rotation layers will rotate around the same origin. You shouldn’t confuse and link the angle of rotation parameter which should be independent to allow independent rotations.
Maybe it could be interesting that someone does a tutorial to create a watch. :unamused: