How to Lipsync

Is there a tutorial on how to lipsync?

Seen this but it doesn’t go into much detail

I’ve made a simple character, with all parts encapsulated, head, eyes, body, arms, legs, etc. What is the best way to handle the mouth element? How would you swap different mouth shapes in the same position?

I’ve seen that people use Papagayo and jlipsync.

Not sure where to go from here…


This video tutorial doesn’t help?
Just reuse the same concept on the mouths instead of the hands.
It was included in the lipsync tutorial.


Wow, that video really cleared it up, thanks!

So the Canvas Browser in Synfig is essentially the Library from a program like Adobe Flash; a collection of objects you can reuse throughout your animation. Canvases are the equivalent of symbols in some sense.

To export an object to Canvas Browser you select the object layer, right click on the canvas icon in the params panel and choose export, then name it.

Then to swap an object for another, you select the layer (lets say mouth layer) and on different points on the timeline, you select different canvases (mouth objects) by going to the Params Panel, Canvas-Value, click it, choose other, and type in the canvas you want.

I think I know enough now to begin animating… :exclamation:

So is there a way to import that .dat file into Synfig have it put the mouths in the right spots on the time line, or do I just have to use the .dat file as a guideline and put the images in myself?

Currently the .dat file from Papagayo imported to Synfig (as lst) only serve as reference (unless you really use the images for the mouth shapes). For the moment nobody has coded that a lst file “switches” exported canvases instead of imported images.