How to link so the object snaps properly?

Hi, I’ve searched but no-one seems to have had this problem (!) I am following the flower tutorial and I’m trying to link the vertex at the top of the stem to the green duck of the 1st flower petal. When I select the 2 points and choose link as per the tutorial’s instructions my petal jumps away, above the stem so there is a big gap between the two objects, instead of snapping to the stem tip.

Help on what I’ve done wrong would be appreciated as I’ve tried this a dozen times but always with the same result.

Hi Junia,
Are you sure you try to link together the two correct (BLine points) ducks? You may want to hide all ducks (position, tangeants…) and retry to be sure to pick the (orange?) ones for the linking operation.

If that’s not the problem please send a screenshot of the unexpected behavior… as I don’t have any other idea yet.

hope this helps,

Here are 2 screenshots to show you the problem. I appear to have done something wrong when I was making the petal? I cannot move that petal downwards now unless it’s in animation editing mode. I’ve started this over a couple of times and will do so again.

And here are a couple more screen shots - I deleted the petal and re-drew it. Then tried linking the top vertex of the stem with the bottom vertex of the petal - and got image 3. When I tried linking the top vertex of the stem with the top vertex of the petal I got image 4 - which is close to the tutorial example but the tutorial says to link the green duck of the petal with the stem vertex.
stem-petal 3.jpg
stem-petal 4.jpg

IIRC, you don’t have to link the top stem vertex with the lower petal vertex but wit the petal’s origin. … the_petals

Yes that is exactly what I did and the petal jumps away with the green duck at the opposite end of the petal not close to the stem as shown in the tutorial.

If someone who has completed this tutorial successfully could tell me where I have gone wrong I’d be very grateful.

It’s this part here:

When I have done exactly as instructed - ie made sure the green duck of the petal is inside the petal and towards the bottom tip, then moved the petal up to the end of the stem bud, rotating it a little to position it. When the stem vertex and the green duck of the petal are linked my petal jumps away from the stem. It doesn’t look like the tutorial any more at all.

There is a video tutorial for that: … _Animation

Well I appreciate the link to that - and I have watched it and followed it closely as shown. The jumping still occurs. :cry: The difference between the written tutorial and the video one is that in the video he links petal and stem first then rotates the petal, whereas it’s the other way round in the written tutorial. No matter which order I do those steps, the petal still doesn’t link properly.

I’d really like to ask either of the 2 people who did those tutorials directly how they got the linking to work - are they active in this community?

Some more information that may help solve this issue. After I’ve linked the petal to the stem tip with the petal jumping away. When I then go to move the petal closer to the stem, or rotate it, this error message occurs. Note that in the video the man making the petal rotates the petal after he has linked it with no sign of this error message interfering.
error message.jpg

Junia is absolutely correct - it’s still a problem as this happens to me too. Fedora 15, lastest stable version of Synfig Studio (0.63.00). Seems to be anything to Bline causing the problem - I can, for instance, link two rectangles with no problem.

EDIT: Just so my first post isn’t a downer - Synfig Studio is absolutely excellent btw - I’m really enjoying learning it.

That’s because you previously were in animation mode when modified the parameter and then if you’re back in non animation mode you cannot modify it as stationary.

As you can’t move the petal after you have linked it to the stem, the workround is move the stem back into position with its green position duck after you have linked it to the petal. Not perfect, but it lets you finish the tutorial.

Just wanted to mention this is still an issue in Synfig 0.63.05

I ran into the same problem. However, I’ve done some snooping and have figured it out.
It doesn’t matter what shapes you use. Make 2 simple shapes with some vertices.
The goal is to link an origin to another object’s vertex.

Everything links perfectly as long as neither origin is moved before the link. However, as soon as you move either origin, it offsets the linking location by however far the origin was moved. So in the screenshots above, it appears that Junia moved the origin of the flower petal after she placed the petal on the origin. It looks like she moved the origin up before linking, because the petal snapped to a location upwards from the vertex. I had this same problem.
The way to fix it easiest is to not move the origin before you link.

This is unintuitive, but allows for some powerful and flexible editing when things get complicated. Also, this setting can’t be changed, so my advice is to make it intuitive. Play with it until you understand it.

To move both objects by dragging one’s origin, group them (a new group origin is made).

I think that is the point … That the “origin” parameter affect the behavior of link, for someone who try to learn alone, it’s a bit a trap.

An idea to improve user experience here … : when “link” is used with different origins, an info box could be displayed explaining the situation "

|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------------------LINK------------| | "Linking object's handles with different origin will create a link offset by the origins" | | | | [X] "do not display again" [CANCEL] [OK] | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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