How to import SVGs with gradients?

Hi, how do I import SVGs with their gradient?

You’re out of luck buddy, you can’t.

Really? Can’t import it directly?

I looked the source code and it seems to (have some) support for linear and radial gradients.

When I import a circle with circular gradient from inkscape 1.1. Nothing shows in synfig at all.

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Exporting gradients from Inkscape to Synfig doesn’t work, you have to manually create the gradients in Synfig.

I read the code and the “ellipse” shape element is not imported at all at moment.
Rectangles and paths are supported, and their gradient too.

As of now, I think text layer import is not supported either in synfig from inkscape.

AFAIK, the text in SVG is a ‘polygon’, but it uses an automatic even-odd winding to draw region and masking that, indeed, SVG module doesn’t seem to try to handle.
Example: letter ‘O’ could be bezier curve points describing the external outline shape and its fill color followed (in the same shape description) by the bezier curve vertices the define the inner hole as a masking area. Same for ‘a’, ‘e’, etc.

Whoops: this is only we convert text to shape :stuck_out_tongue: