How to get the best quality when uploading videos...

Hi guys,

I’ve got a finished video but when I upload to YouTube I get some bad pixelation at the end of the video.

I’ve removed that one now and re-converted the MPEG2 original to an FLV using AnyDVD Converter Professional.

This one was converted at at bitrate of 1500 - it improvesthe video but after upload to YouTube, the video is smaller.

Correction: I just looked again and it’s processed to a better size now

Does anyone have any recomendations for converting or uploading to YouTube?

Also…does anyone have anyrecommendations for godd video sites to upload DVD quality videos?

Thanks guys,


About the video codec and format: … swer=55744
About the aspect ratio: … wer=132460

I’ve used the following format with good results directly from Synfig Studio:
Target: ffmpeg
extension: .avi
resolution: 1280x720
quality:1 (best)
antialiasing: 3 or 4 (higher doesn’t produce visible effects at that size)


hope it helps.

Thanks G - I’ll try tome test videos with those settings.