How to export animation and upload it to YouTube?

hello all I have did my first very simple animation as I just downloaded Synfig last night. I was wondering how rendering works and how to export my animation and possibly upload it to YouTube. Thanks all


Render the animation to a png sequence.
Then use a video editor to create your animation or this technique: … g_sequence.

Alternatively use the ffmpeg target at the render dialog and set the Target Parameters by the enabled button on the right of the target drop down menu. Ffmpeg is buggy lately because there are many forks of that program that has changed the command line interface so I can’t guarantee that it would work.


Do you suggest any video editor, because I know that some only do a slideshow thing where it wait a few seconds, sorry for all the Questions I am just trying to get the hang of the program :slight_smile: thanks for your help :smiley: … g_software
For simply image sequence to movie conversion I recommend Avidemux. It is cross platform and very easy to use. When importing the image sequence, beware to change the default 25 fps to your real fps at the export time.