How to download!

I downloaded Syfig, and started using the tutorials, but I am stuck at lesson 2. How do I download, and if possible can anyone please provide a link or something so I can be directed to it easier. Thank you!

Could you provide a link to the tutorial?
As there is no strict naming in the wiki tutorial and that not all of them are translated in every language, I don’t know which one you are following.
But I can try to download it for you if you want.

It is part of the Official Course on Udemy (paying)
Not sure if it is available with the Gumroad version (available as pay-as-you-want, even for free) (
In any case, @KonstantinDmitriev will be able to answer :wink:

Oh, didn’t know there where paying courses on Synfig.
@Orangee I think you either need to pay the course then or use your own files.

@TheDarkTiger actually, BobSynfig said


Currently, not for free.
But I plan to make it free soon.
At least, the Russian version is already free here -

Link to -