How to do stop/start motion?

I am trying to draw hands typing. I have applied a random converter to the arm and hands moving on top of a keyboard. When doing the preview, it actually looks good because it obviously does not move so smoothly. However, after rendering the images and converting to video, the arm and hands move smoothly. I want to get the hands to have a stop/start motion. I know I could probably do this manually using waypoints and the ease functions, however since I would likely apply this elsewhere it would be more useful to find a simpler way to do this.

Can anybody provide any advice on if this is possible using a simple method please?

Synfig default setting is 24 fps but you can always drop it down in options.
For example i made this in 24 fps and the set options to 5 fps
Synfig Animation 1.gif

Thank you for taking the time to respond. That is one solution which looks like it may have worked.

Instead I chose to move the hands about, and to set the waypoint out at ‘linear’ which prevented a lot of the smoothness. This worked, however I believe that when I learn more I will find an easier way to do this kind of thing.

Similar to Majkel’s solution, but more flexible (can be applied selectively) would be using “Stroboscope” layer.