How to distribute plugins?

Hello everyone,
I have made around 4 plugins with Synfig. Now although they are available right here on the forum. Giving updates to the plugins by sending zip files again and again even though seems not bad, but isn’t a proper systematic way to distribute plugins.

I think it would be more beneficial for users if the plugins are built-in into Synfig, which I will try to do by making a PR to Synfig (atleast for COATools importer and Controller Plugin).

I will also create different Github repos for each plugin and maintain the code and documentation there.

If Synfig has a native plugin installation system, which would make the installation of plugin easy.

What the plugin installation system would do:

  1. Accept a zip file as input
  2. Automatically unzip it’s content to the plugins folder
  3. Install any Python dependencies (if any)

Also a built-in index for plugins would be very useful addition, which will be maintained officially by Synfig. And user’s can one click install a plugin with it’s name directly from Synfig.

Once I finish properly testing the Plugins and I gain confidence that the plugins are ready for production. I will try to implement this plugin installation system with indexing, within this year.

I can’t participate as a GSoC contributor (age requirement), but I will try to contribute as much as possible.

Any opinions, suggestions, advice are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I also endorse your post, and just to add, we would need the documentation posted on Synfig Docs for each finished plugin :slight_smile: easy for new users to get up to speed with each plugin

Here are the GitHub repository:

Advanced outline plugin:

Controller Plugin:

COA Tools importer:

Center the origin plugin:

Next step: Test the COATools plugin and Controller Plugin before making a PR to Synfig


If you start in the plugin central index , please let me know and share your .git repo if any. hope I can help.

Also, I have a long wish list features ( no programming details ), you can see here

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