How to delete exported Cavas?

When creating characters I usually Encapsulate them and use “export canvas”.

However, I dedided to use my older file today, separated necessary elements from the encapsulation and deleted the rest. Now when I’m trying to encapsulate the new collection, I get this error. What do I do?

Umm… It wasn’t a problem, but a human error. :blush:

But yeah, any way to delete an exported canvas?

Currently there is no way to do it other than by opening the sif (not the sifz) file with a text editor and remove the exported canvases by hand.

The problem with exported canvases (on contrary to exported valuenodes) is that the canvas parameter can be animated. If the exported canvas were only used by non animated canvas parameter then it could be easy to replace the exported by one inline one for each exported canvas occurrence. The problem comes with animated canvases. How can we handle one canvas that is part of an animated canvas parameter wihout have it exported?

Valuenodes can be animated but the value itself not the link.