How to Create a new file with 0 duration?


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It doesn’t matter really but it is in the menu Canvas->Properties->Time->Duration and set to 1f (One frame or zero seconds) that’s it.


Thank you! It does matter to me because if the instruction is in a tutorial, there must be a good reason. Now I can continue working through the tutorial.


Create a new file with 0 duration. There’s no need to bother with a timeline at this point. Next, create a simple rectangle with the Rectangle Tool.

Try to read at least a sentence ahead :slight_smile:
A tutorial is meant to be understood and not applied step-by-step to achieve a predefined goal :wink:
Well, I just replaced 0 by any to make it more clear in the wiki
Good luck, Young Padawan :yum:


Thank you, my master.

So far I have found the Synfig tutorials to be excellent as compared with a previous tool I tried to learn. And I am impressed by the functions that are supported (even bones and rigging). I have already made a small donation and I plan to make more if I can achieve the entertaining logo animation that I aim for in the coming weeks.

I hope someone answers the other question that I posted here.