How to build a video in Synfig/Where to start?

How to build a video in Synfig
I am a beginner.
How to build a picture or a video in Synfig?
Can I paint and create a car and a bicycle or a horse and save every item in a file.
Then can I compose a street out of the created files like the moving horse? Or do I have to paint all elememts together for a movie?


I dont know the character of my video.

Is it possible to create the story with music and 5 Stars
later I replace
the five stars and their moves and the same musik
with some clicks and there You can see

the five stars as 5 painted dogs?
Thank You.

Hello and welcome here.

I want to say yes to all your questions. The best place to start with synfig is the official documentation. You will find a step by step manual.

The question is not
how to use Synfig.

The question is
when You create a forest,
do You create one animal and then the second
all animals together?
Thank You for help.