How to animate single vertices using a rotation vector


is it possible to move only a few vertices with an rotation vector (rotation layer)?

Currently my solution of animate my character (e.g. walkcycle) is just using several layers
and hoping everythings turn out well. But all in all it is not that good looking.

Maybe anybody could help me? Thank You!

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Hi simon,
Rotate Layer acts over all the context below the layer and it works at pixel level not at vertices level.
The only way to produce the effect you might be looking for is using the Rotate tool and produce enough movement steps to make a smooth rotation.
What you want to achieve would be possible using bones but that feature is not implemented yet in Synfig.

Hi Simon,

I’d put the various articulations in different sub layers with a rotate on each… starting from the one closer to the main body. That way rotating the shoulder will keep the forearm in line.
If you then “export” each rotate angle you could “easily” animate the whole arm from the “children” window that would only display these rotations handles.

The resulting layers tree would look somehow like:

|- rotate -> export angle as shoulder
|- upper arm group
||- rotate -> export as elbow
||- forearm group
|||- rotate -> export as wrist
|||- hand group
||||-rotate -> export as thumb
||||- thumb group
||||- stretch -> export as fingers length
||||- fingers group

hope this helps.